"An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves." - Mrs. Lydia Maria Child

The business of Giving – Why BMS believes Giving Back is so important

What does the customer think and what action will they take and why? In the acclaimed brand building book “We First”, author Simon Mainwaring notes “people are not always motivated by low price when they recognize another benefit gained through their purchase – that of having helped build a better world”. And the research supports it. A 2009 study (5 years ago – the social world has literally exploded since then…) highlights the business value in a substantial commitment to participating in charitable support:

182% agree supporting a good cause makes them feel better about themselves.

283% are willing to change their consumption habits if it can help make tomorrow’s world a better place to live.

366% believe it is no longer enough for corporations to SIMPLY GIVE MONEY TO A GOOD CAUSE, they need to INTEGRATE GOOD CAUSES INTO THEIR DAY-TO-DAY BUSINESS.

465% have more trust in a brand that is ethically and socially responsible.

567% would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause.

In a 2010 study, the numbers are even more compelling:

180% of adults would switch brands if it was involved in a good cause and the price was the same.

281% of adults would buy a product where a portion of the cost supports a cause.

BMS has the benefits of giving in our DNA; join us to be a part of this success!