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Beacon Merchant Solutions offers a guaranteed profitable program with over 10,000 customers plus free advertising / promotions in local papers.  We operate 17 local newspapers.

Free Newspaper and online advertising

We have been serving your local communities for over 18 years.  Print readers are very loyal readers. People who read magazines or newspapers do so regularly. This loyalty, combined with the high retention rates, make print a very important medium for branding.
Contact us or give us a call at (888) 930-3050 to find out how you can advertise to grow your business!

Experience with serving over 200,000+ business clients

Let us share with you how we have helped over 200,000 businesses.

Exposure to 100,000+ businesses and 500,000+ consumers.

Our local newspapers coverage includes over 100,000 businesses and 500,000+ consumers every week.

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